Photography is what we love to do.

We are professionals who care about your whole experience with your photography session - from a thourough preparation, through a comfortable photo shoot, to adding the final touch in the post-production.

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  • photographer by passion, creative designer by profession, biotechnologist by education
  • +5 years of experience in creative agencies in the international financial corporations
  • student of photography at Institute of Creative Photography in Opava; graduate of numerous workshops and masterclasses in portrait, photoedition and visual journalism (Canon Student Development Programme, Eddie Adams Workshop, Foundry, IED Madrid, LCC London, World Press Photo Foundation)
  • in 2019, selected as 30under30 most emerging female photographers
  • in photography, she particularly admires color, dynamics and people
  • thinks that good photography and pilates make world a better place

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  • graduate from Creative Arts Centre (Wrocław) in photography 
  • student of photography at Institute of Creative Photography in Opava
  • newly made dad who follows the rule "family first" 
  • a dreamer who feels alive while traveling
  • in photography, he loves contact with people
  • if he had to define himself  photographically he would name himself „on the road photographer”

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  • graduate from Creative Arts Centre (Wrocław) in photography, Photoshop and Graphic Design
  • student of photography at Institute of Creative Photography in Opava
  • admires plants, good coffee and above all dogs
  • graduate from Geoengineering, Mining and Geology; PhD, research and teaching assistant at the same Faculty
  • presented works at  Off Festival Bratislava (2021) and at special exhibition due to 30 years of ITF Opava (2021)
  • in photography, she tries to capture the emotional layer and visual poetry 
  • aims at reaching an ideal balance between art and technics

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